What is frass?
Frass is the solid excrement of insects. It is a very effective natural fertilizer for plants, lawns, gardens and farms. It is nature’s own fertilizer and pesticide, responsible for keeping forests green, and fruits and vegetables safe from harmful pests.

What is Frass Forward?
Frass Forward is a Canadian company dedicated to providing gardening enthusiasts, and farmers with 100% organic insect frass. Our frass is a plant, lawn and garden fertilizer, with no additives or fillers. Frass Forward affords environmentalists the freedom to care for their gardens, vegetables, plants and the planet with a sustainable conscience.

Where does Frass Forward get their frass?
Frass Forward is a division of Entomo Farms, the largest cricket farm of its kind in North America. Entomo Farms collects the cricket frass after harvesting the insects, then processes and packages the frass for distribution. Entomo Farms supplies the growing market for cricket-based protein as a nutritious and ecologically sustainable alternative compared to traditional sources; beef, poultry, soy, and dairy. Entomo Farms together with Frass Forward further reduce the environmental footprint of cricket farming and return key elements back to nature in an ongoing cycle.

How do I use Frass Forward fertilizer?
There are many ways to use Frass Forward fertilizer, much like any traditional fertilizer. You can use Frass Forward fertilizer mixed into your soil media, as a top dress, or in foliar sprays and fertilizer teas. You can also use it in compost teas and in hydroponic systems (with a strainer to keep the solids from clogging your system. See instructions.)

Where is Frass Forward fertilizer produced?
Frass Forward fertilizer is produced in Norwood, Ontario, Canada. Just east of Peterborough.

How does Frass Forward fertilizer benefit plants, gardens and lawns?
Frass Forward benefits plants, gardens and lawns through many amazing organic natural mechanisms. For example, chitin (fibre in the exoskeleton of insects) triggers a plant’s immune response system to defend itself from pathogens and many kinds of pests.

Frass is a natural bloom stimulant, thus helping to produce a higher fruit and vegetable yield, thicker lawns, and healthier plants. Frass helps to promote the formation of compost, as it is a microbial inoculant. It is an important recycler of nutrients in rainforests, and favours plant health.

Can I use Frass Forward Fertilizer Indoors?
Yes, you can use Frass Forward fertilizer safely indoors or outdoors. It’s dry and easy to apply to your container plants.

Can I use Frass Forward fertilizer on herbs?
Yes, Frass Forward fertilizer is very effective for growing herbs. Be mindful when using Frass Forward fertilizer to grow your herbs, as only half the amount is generally required.