April 27th 2017

Tales of a First Time Gardener

Today I used frass for the first time. I added 4 parts gardening soil to one part frass, and mixed it together using one of my mixing bowls and a wooden spoon. I almost felt like I was making cupcakes, and funny enough, the soil/frass mixture resembled chocolate cake.


Everything is Ready

I decided to plant things that we eat all the time- Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Spinach and Onions.

I had seen a great hack on Facebook where someone had used empty plastic egg containers to start their seedlings. I figured I would do the same and saved a couple of cartons.




I labelled each cup, then carefully scooped some soil/frass mixture into each cup. Then I carefully laid a seed on top, and pushed it down about a centimetre deep, then covered it with some more soil.

Now, we watch them grow!